Most of us drive with a crack or chip in our car windshields without thinking much of it, but windshield replacement in Pleasant Grove Utah is more important than most people realize. Why? Three reasons: the car’s structural integrity, the potential for bigger problems, and impairment to the driver.

Windshield Replacement in Pleasant Grove Utah

Windshield replacement in Pleasant Grove Utah is critical for a variety of reasons, but the first and possibly most important is the structural integrity of the car. Cars are designed to keep the occupants safe, and the windshield is part of that design. When a car is in an accident, particularly if the car is subjected to structural forces, as in a rollover, the windshield is part of the protection. If a windshield doesn’t hold up, the rest of the frame around the driver and passengers can crumple because a critical part of the structure is missing. When you have a chip or crack, if they are large enough, they can weaken your windshield to the point that you are no longer safely protected inside the car.

How do you know when a chip is big enough to make your windshield less safe? Start by asking a professional. A windshield is made up of three layers: two layers of curved glass with a layer of plastic bonded between them. This is safety glass, and the structure makes is less prone to cracking or breaking. If a rock chip is deep enough to penetrate the plastic layer, it is definitely time to replace your windshield. If it isn’t, you can likely have the repair work done.

Another factor in windshield replacement in Pleasant Grove Utah is how well you can see. If the rock chip is large and directly in the driver’s vison area, you should replace your windshield. Also, over time we get hundreds, even thousands, of very tiny rock chips, and the resulting pitting of the windshield can be dangerously difficult to see through, especially if you are facing a sunset or oncoming headlights.