As you drive in winter, you encounter a variety of situations that can end up causing you to need vehicle glass repair in Lehi: debris from the roads, ice forming in tiny cracks and pits in your windshield, even mistakes you make in clearing the ice. Take the time to slow down and form good driving habits so your car doesn’t bring you to us for repairs. Of course, if it does, we will be happy to help you, but we’d rather see you after years of wear on your windshield, not after a bad deicing incident!

Vehicle Glass Repair in Lehi

Vehicle glass repair in Lehi is our business, and we’re very good at what we do. In winter times, what keeps us busy is the combination of road debris that hits cars as well as the cold weather byproducts. Whether it is ice chunks that come up with pebbles and rocks at their core or sand pitting from deicing the roads, winter weather can bring conditions that combine typical road hazards with surrounding ice, causing even more damage than in other seasons. Take your time getting to work and other places, leaving some distance between you and the next vehicle whenever possible. Doing so will not only give you greater braking time on often-slick roads, it will also allow some of that road debris to fall harmlessly to the pavement rather than bouncing off your windshield.

Another reason we do so well with vehicle glass repair in Lehi is that people often think deicing their windshield with warm water is a great idea. Warm water causes the glass to expand quickly, more quickly than it can easily do, which often leads to cracks. Instead, use a salt-water solution or, even better, an alcohol solution to melt the ice and leave your glass clean and undamaged.