We all get windshield chips—they are part of the territory of driving a vehicle. When you get windshield chips in Orem, you may wonder first of all why they happen, then whether you can fix them or not. Chips happen when one quickly moving object encounters your windshield—sometimes when you are moving and sometimes even when your vehicle is stationary. Aside from the obvious answer to why—sharp rock meets flat surface at high speed—most of the reasons have to do with velocity and angle, which is why dull objects can also chip a windshield.

Windshield Chips in Orem

The bigger question about windshield chips in Orem have to do with whether they can be repaired or whether you have to replace your windshield. If the chip obstructs the driver’s field of vision (the area your windshield wipers cover), then you need to get it repaired. If the chip is close enough to the edge of the windshield to potentially make your windshield less structurally stable, you need to get it replaced.

There are all different shapes and sizes of windshield chips, and some are far more prone to continuing to break or spread than others. Anything over an inch in diameter needs to be repaired if possible. Obviously in winter, water can seep into the crack or chip and expand when it freezes, causing additional damage. But even in warm weather, chips can extend unexpectedly. When you hit a certain bump or dip in the road at just the right speed, the vibration will cause your chip to turn into a long crack or a spider web of cracks.

The best thing to do is have a professional do the work, however. If you have windshield chips in Orem, the DIY method might save you money now, but if it doesn’t seal, you still have the same water and vibration damage issues you have with an unrepaired chip.