When the time comes for car glass repair in Provo, you may have some questions. Most people do. The most frequently asked questions include, What size chip can you repair? How long does it take? Will the repair last or will I need to replace my windshield anyway? How do I know whether repair or replace is the best option?

Car Glass Repair in Provo

Let’s start with the last question. When you are considering car glass repair in Provo, your first question is likely, How do I know whether to repair the rock chip or whether I have to replace my windshield? The first answer has to do with the age and condition of your windshield. If the windshield is older than a year or it has had more than one rock chip repaired in the past year, you likely will want to replace it. Regular pitting plus more than one chip means that your vision is likely going to soon be affected.

The next question is, What size rock chips can we repair? It depends a little on the location of the rock chip, but anything under the size of a quarter is generally safe. Up to a half dollar size is a good possibility. Over that size is probably not a good bet.

When considering car glass repair in Provo, you might also wonder how long the repair takes. Usually we can fix a rock chip in about 30 minutes, depending on the depth and location.

Finally, many people wonder how long a chip repair will last. Most last for the lifetime of the windshield. In some cases, if water gets inside the repair, if an additional rock hits very close to the same spot, or if you jolt the windshield in just the right way, the chip will turn into a crack, requiring complete windshield replacement.