Vehicle maintenance doesn’t end with oil changes and tire rotations. You also need to look at Provo windshield repair — the glass that keeps debris out of your car and eyes while you drive needs to be maintained so you preserve the integrity of your vehicle’s structure and so you can see clearly when you drive!

Provo Windshield Repair

What do we mean by Provo windshield repair being part of your car’s maintenance? You need to be aware of three types of damage that can be unsafe, as far as your windshield is concerned.

First, the big issues like cracks. A crack going across your windshield means the glass is no longer intact, no longer reliably safe. If a big rock hits your car, or if you are involved in even a smaller fender bender, that windshield may just give in and become part of the problem.

Second, you have rock chips. Large ones, particularly those that are directly in your field of vision, can be problematic because they obscure your view and can easily turn into cracks that affect the structural integrity of your vehicle. The manufacturers built the windshield to be part of what protects you. Any major damage means that the ability to withstand force is diminished.

Third, and finally, the myriad of tiny flecks of damage that occur while you drive can become too much. When your view is directly into a sunrise, sunset, or other bright lights, if you have an older windshield, the build up of thousands of tiny hits will turn your windshield into a light refractory, making it nearly impossible to see clearly.

For all these kinds of damage, fixing them sooner rather than later is the best idea. Repair when possible, replace when needed. Keep your family safe with regular windshield maintenance.