Your windshield is vital to your safety when driving. So, don’t hesitate to look into auto glass repair in Provo and start comparing prices.

Glass repair comes in a lot of different shapes and forms. Depending upon what your windshield needs are (such as repairing chips and cracks or replacing when the damage extends to the edges), which company you go to for the repair, and the type of vehicle that is being repaired, the price will vary. As a rough estimation, windshield replacement costs anywhere from $100 to $400.

The area that is damaged is important because most small damages, like chips, that are on the middle of the windshield are super easy and cheap to fix. You can even do the repair yourself with a store bought kit for about $10 to $20. However, when it comes to cracked windshields, you are better off going to a trusted windshield replacement company.

The type of vehicle you bring in for repair also matters. Some companies like Lexus and Mercedes have their own custom windshields that will cost more than your average windshield. These specialty windshields have different features like solar glass coating and other optimization that set them apart, so be ready for a bit of extra cost if you have a car from one of these manufacturers.

Keep in mind, when searching for auto glass repair in Provo, you don’t want to just seek out the lowest price. Some reputable replacement companies will offer a lifetime warranty on windshield replacements, so you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs for a job poorly done.

While damage to windshields are not common, you can’t guarantee protection from them, so you should seriously consider a lifetime warranty the next time you look for auto glass repair in Provo!