If you have ever had a chipped windshield repaired, you know how cool it is to see it get fixed. You might have wondered about the physics of windshield repair in Highland—how does it work? Is it truly safe? Can you still see the chip after the repair is done? We can answer those questions for you, and more! Read one.

Windshield Repair in Highland

Windshield repair in Highland is definitely a cool process. How it works as well as when and why it is a good idea—those questions are easy to answer and may help you decide whether you need to repair or replace your windshield when a chip happens.

How Does It Work?
When your windshield gets chipped, the glass breaks and often has a star-like appearance. Those tiny cracks spreading from the main chip are the danger: if they aren’t fixed, they can spread when you drive and hit a bump in the road or when the weather changes. Those chips are fixed by putting a special resin into the chip, then applying a vacuum force to the area. The vacuum forces that resin into all those star-like radiating cracks, filling them so they don’t spread with jarring bumps as well as filling those cracks so water can’t get in and freeze, cracking your windshield beyond repair.

Is It Safe?
This method of windshield repair in Highland is very safe and suits most circumstances. The only times you should consider not repairing the chip in your windshield is (a) if your windshield is already so pitted that it is hard to see out of—particularly at sunrise or sunset. In that case, you should replace your windshield instead. And (b) replace your windshield if the chip is large and obstructs your field of vision.

Will I Still See the Chip?
Yes, no method of repair can eradicate a chip, but we can make it safe. This is the reason we advise replacing your windshield if the chip impairs your vision: it is never completely gone.