If your windshield has a chip in it or has cracked during this cold winter weather, now may be the time to get it fixed.  Windshield repair is a crucial part of vehicle maintenance and keeping your glass free of damage may be the difference between getting injured in an accident or walking away unscathed. Windshield repair isn’t a terribly complicated issue, and if you understand what is getting done to your vehicle, you can make a better choice in who to have do the work.

Windshield repair often brings to mind rock chip repair services that seem to be attached to so many oil change shops. But pushing resin into a rock chip is only one kind of repair, and it isn’t likely to prevent a crack later when water gets in and freezes, as happens so often in winter.  

To really repair a windshield, you need to replace it, which you will eventually do, even if you don’t have chips and cracks. The pitting that occurs over time to every windshield will render them difficult to see through, and you definitely want to see as you are maneuvering a vehicle at high speeds down crowded roadways.

One of the issues that often occurs is an unseen problem: a windshield that isn’t properly fitted leaves room for water to get in, and rust builds up.  An improperly sealed windshield isn’t safe for the occupants, so we clean the rust out and ensure that your new windshield is safe for the duration of the time you use it.

We can also repair motors in windows as well as fixing mirrors and making sure you have every piece of your vehicle’s glass in good repair. 

When you need a clean, new, perfect windshield, give us a call.