In springtime, we clean the gutters, the cupboards, the garden. We don’t often think about the car much, except to wash the winter grime off. But windshield maintenance ought to also be on the agenda, and the reason is to make sure you can see what you want to see, be where you want to be, all summer long. All the road trips and the ball games, all the hiking and camping and swimming—your vehicle is essential to all of these activities, and your windshield is essential to safety getting your family to and from all these events.

Windshield Maintenance Steps

Windshield maintenance is probably last on your list—if it is even on it. We think about a windshield when it is cracked, and not many other times.  But doing everything we can to keep a windshield from cracking is far smarter—and cheaper—than replacing the whole thing later.

First, look at the age of your windshield. If it is more than two years old, look at it in the setting sun. If you see so much pitting that you have a hard time seeing through it, you might need to replace it. Diffraction can cause temporary blindness, and you need to see the road.

Second, look at the chips. Sometimes we don’t notice them if they aren’t right in our line of vision. Take 30 seconds and look at the edges of your windshield and see whether rocks have taken a toll. Those are easy to fix, and it only takes a few minutes.

Finally, look for the big chips and think about the cracks.  You need to fix those sooner rather than later. These aren’t just a nuisance; they are a safety issue. Take the time to do your maintenance now so it doesn’t affect your summer plans later.