If you own a home, you probably have a schedule for replacing your furnace air filter or fertilizing your lawn. If you own a car, you should consider a schedule for auto glass repair and other car maintenance.  Just like oil changes and tire rotation, other parts of your car need regular maintenance, and doing that maintenance regularly will extend the life of your car and make traveling safer for you and your family. Plus, cars with regular maintenance have higher resale value than those without.

Why Put Auto Glass Repair Into Your Schedule

Auto glass repair or replacement is a good habit to get into.  Every time your car is serviced by anyone with a business license, they log your car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) and the maintenance that they’ve done. Tire rotation, oil changes, coolant flush. Anything.  And when someone intends to buy a car, one good source many people turn to is the record of what’s been done to the car to maintain it.  You can purchase this report before you buy a car.

So, keeping your windshield in good condition is worth the time even if just for the resale value.

But you get more than higher resale value. You also get a windshield that will actually help protect you in case of an accident, as it is intended to do. Windshields are made to withstand a lot of force from outside the car, but to break when necessary from force inside the car. This keeps stuff from coming in, but allows you to get thrown through a windshield without the windshield itself killing you, in an accident.

A rock chip or crack changes all that. And pitting defracts direct light, making it hard to see in sunsets or rainy conditions. Schedule your windshield maintenance as you do all the other car maintenance you do for safety. It can save your life.