Every time you hear something that sounds too good to be true, you know it probably is. Does that apply to windshield repair services? Well, it depends. Any service is only as reliable as the people who perform it.  If you want a service that comes to you and has a track record of dependable, thorough, reasonably priced work, then you need to do your homework and not simply work with whoever has the loudest ad on the radio (or the most obnoxious one on social media).

Windshield repair services can vary widely, but the current trends are to have a service that can come to your home or business and repair chips and small cracks on the spot while you do whatever it is you do.  Are they all created equal? Of course not. You will find everything from use-at-home kits to people who require you to come into the shop for the repair.

The key is to do your homework.  Repairing a chip or a small crack (depending on where and how long the crack is) relies on forcing an adhesive (epoxy resin, mostly) into the fractured area in the glass, then having it cure.

The differences all lie in the detail. Some windshield repair services want you to come into the shop because the weather isn’t cooperating, and your glass must be absolutely dry for the adhesive to form a bond that lasts. Some can work in your driveway or garage. 

Some want direct heat to cure—and even sunlight will do—and others require time and lack of water (so no car washes for 48 hours).

The key to knowing if you have the right one for your needs is to read online reviews and to check with the company itself to find out what they need from you and what they provide, including any kind of guarantee.