A safe car is a happy car. Or something like that. Definitely a safe car makes for happy families, happy parents when their children are driving home from work or a late night. How does car windshield repair play into the safety of a car? In several ways.  From how well you can see to drive to the integrity of your car’s frame to the ability of your windshield to resist force, the windshield of your car is crucial to the safety of its occupants.

When you have a crack or chip, you need to consider car windshield repair sooner rather than later.  When a crack or chip obscures your vision, you may have to squint to see through it, particularly in adverse weather or when the light hits just right to reflect off the added angles a chip or crack create.  If you don’t have the windshield repaired, you might find that you miss seeing something crucial at a critical time, and you can injure yourself or someone else.

Additionally, a car windshield is part of your car’s frame. The manufacturers calculate how much weight and stress a vehicle’s frame can take. Since the windshield holds up part of the frame, having a sound, undamaged windshield is part of keeping your roof from collapsing in a rollover. 

Finally, a windshield is created with two purposes to the arch that it forms across the front of your car.  The interior of the arch will yield easily if a body gets thrown against in an accident, allowing the body to exit the car with minimal injuries.  The exterior of the arch is made to prevent projectiles like rocks from penetrating if they hit the arch from the outside. A chip or crack makes that second job less stable.  An arch with a crack can be too weak to stop a rock from completely shattering the entire windshield.

Take the time to for car windshield repair and get those pesky chips and cracks repaired .