You’re driving along, minding your own business, when wham!  And now you need auto windshield repair. It’s that simple and that fast.  That chip can be a doosy all on its own, but if it spreads to a crack, it is even worse.  Leaving it and hoping it won’t get worse is one strategy, but it rarely pays off. So, whether you try to repair it or find you have to replace it, act sooner rather than later.

Auto windshield repair is a great option, and no, we aren’t going to try to talk you into a replacement that you don’t need. We are as invested as you are in the environment and we are very invested in repeat business, so our goal is to help you in the most conservative, least-expensive way possible.  Let’s talk details here.

If you have a chip that is smaller than a dime and not in your sight line, you can probably repair it easily, and the repair will last as strong and as well as the undamaged part of your windshield. People drive for years with a well-repaired windshield.

If your crack is less than four inches, you stand a decent chance of a repair that will last, but this one is trickier. If the crack is a sight-line crack, if it is where the windshield has a significant curve, those and other factors may require replacement rather than repair.

You should also consider replacing your entire windshield if it is worn enough to have significant pitting.  Those tiny, tiny pits can cause light to refract in a way that is blinding when the light is hitting directly—during sunset, for example.  And you don’t need to run a red light because the setting sun made it impossible to see.  You deserve better than that.