With the hot summer days on their way out, now is the perfect time to check your car’s condition and have it treated for car glass repair. Not only does having a finely tuned car get you prepared for the harsher weather ahead, but a warm, dry day is ideal for sealing up glass damage.

Take the common case of a windshield chip. When moisture from rain or snow gets into the crack in the glass, the water can expand causing the damage to spread! This turns a small and cheap repair into a large and expensive replacement if you are unlucky or wait too long. The sooner you act, the easier it is on your wallet when you go in for car glass repair.

With the summer days on their way out, you also have to worry about the upcoming winter storms. Hail storms can also worsen any existing damage to your windshield.

It is also worth noting where the damage to your car is. If the dent or crack spreads to the edges of your windshield, it is very likely a simple repair isn’t an option, and you will need to have a whole new windshield installed. That means a lot more money and additional time, which is no fun.

In addition to the risk of inflated repair costs, your car can look unattractive, can put you and the cars around you in danger by becoming a distraction or obscuring vision while driving, and can even get you a ticket if a police officer notices that it obscures vision. So, with all of the risks of neglecting car glass repair, take the end of summer as an opportunity to get this important errand done for a low price!