We all have those times of year when we do a little extra: spring cleaning is one. Fall is another.  Getting ready for the colder winter months, we focus on vehicle glass repair, car care and tires, and getting our home heaters ready to go.  With all those things, a lot of it you can do yourself. You can spring clean those closets or change that air filter in your heater without much problem. Vehicle glass repair you really need a little help on, and we can tell you when and how much help you need.

Vehicle glass repair takes a lot of forms: repairing a crack or chip, or even replacing the entire windshield.  Which you do depends on where the problem is and how big it is.

A crack less than 4 inches long that is below the vision line can sometimes be repaired. Any bigger or in direct vision lines and you will need to replace the windshield rather than trying to repair it.

Most chips can be easily repaired, and they should be. The only times you need to think replacement rather than repair are the following circumstances:

  1. If the rock chip is bigger than a quarter, you should have the windshield replaced. A rock chip that large can affect the integrity of the glass, making it too weak to protect you in an accident.
  2. If the rock chip isn’t the only problem with your windshield, you may want to replace it anyway.  Vehicle glass repair works best on a good, undamaged windshield. If yours has other rock chips or a lot of pitting, getting it replaced is a safer choice and will save your eyes in the long run.

Take the time to keep your car in good condition so you are safe in every season.