When you get a crack or a chip in your windshield, you may wonder, is my windshield repairable?  Do I have to replace it or can I nurse it along?  Especially if your windshield isn’t very old, you don’t necessarily want to replace it right away.  For one thing, who wants to go and sit in a shop for an hour or two while they work on your car? No one.  Well, we may have the solution for you.

First off, is my windshield repairable may be the wrong question. But we’ll get back to that. Let’s start with the concern about time.  If you don’t like sitting in a shop for a couple of hours, we don’t blame you.  That’s why we have a mobile repair and replacement truck: we can come to you.  For most repair and replacements, we can do whatever we need to in your driveway, garage, or business parking lot.  Your convenience is almost as important as your safety.

Which brings us to question two: safety. If your windshield isn’t repairable, we will let you know. We have no interest in selling you things you don’t need, so we will be honest with you. If we can repair a rock chip or small crack, we will.  We want your long-term business, so we are going to help you extend the life of your windshield as far as we can while not compromising your safety.

Cracks that are smaller than six inches can often be repaired.  Most chips can also be fixed.  The rationale behind what can and cannot be fixed has to do with impairing your vision or compromising the integrity of the windshield, which is part of the overall frame of your vehicle; if the windshield gives, the entire frame can crumple in an accident.