Auto glass chip repair, windshield replacement, anything to do with glass.  Maybe you are savvy and maybe you are a novice.  Let’s cover the basics and make sure you are solid in knowing what you need to know to be safe in the bad weather months ahead.

Bad weather means chips and cracks.  It is part of the territory.  Auto glass chip repair is one option when those things happen.  If you have a good windshield and that one little chip is the only problem, definitely you should get it repaired. If you have a big chip, an oddly placed chip, or a large crack, the question is a bit more complicated.

By big, we mean larger than a quarter. oddly placed, anything in the line of sight or close to the edge.

And cracks…well, any crack longer than three inches is too big to repair.

So, if you have one of these, you may need to replace the entire windshield.  If your windshield is old and pitted, you should probably replace it even if the chip is small.  You want your windshield to protect you, and it does that best when it is clear enough to not make you squint in bright lights and sound enough to still hold up in an accident.

We can fix those chips and smaller cracks or replace your windshield, even in winter.  Our materials don’t need summer weather to work, and we will ensure that your vehicle glass is safe again and keeps out the ice and cold while you are traveling with your family or for work. A couple of big considerations when you are keeping your vehicle road-worthy: never use warm water to de-ice your windshield unless you want to see us for replacement soon.  And consider getting a windshield cover if you will be parked outside overnight