Car glass replacement isn’t rocket science, but it does still require skill and finesse to ensure the right seal on the windshield and a tight, safe fit all around.  Sure, you can hire any number of places to replace or repair a windshield, and many will tell you that they do a great job despite being cheap and fast.  Remember the old adage: cheap, fast, good.  Pick any two.

Nowhere is that saying more real than in anything involving safety — and car glass replacement definitely fits in that category.  If you want a really good, safe windshield replacement, you can not go for the cheapest option.  Cheap usually means cutting a corner somewhere, and the easiest place to skimp is in the quality of the glass or the quality of the sealant.  Since a windshield exists to protect the people in the car, you do not want low quality.

You also don’t want super fast in car windshield replacement.  Getting the fit right and the sealant cured takes a little time.  If you aren’t willing to let your car or truck be fixed, you may end up with a less than reliable result.

A windshield is shaped in a way that keeps debris out and supports the frame of the car to make sure the people are safe. It should be sealed so that it doesn’t vibrate, and any imperfect sealing allows water to get in and rust to build, which can eat into the frame of the car itself.

A good fit first cleans out any rust from previous problems, then seals the windshield correctly so that you do not have more problems down the road.

So, cheap, fast, good. Pick any two.  We believe in good over everything because a windshield is what keeps you safe and alive.