So, your windshield is cracked.  Just a small crack — nothing too big. You think, I’ll let it ride for a while. It isn’t dangerous.  Maybe.  And maybe it is dangerous; either way, it is certainly not a great thing to ride around with even if you never get into a wreck that requires your windshield to be part of the support system that protects you from injury. Why? Because small cracks easily turn into large ones, particularly when the weather is freezing and getting very warm — with the temperature changes easily make small cracks grow.

A cracked windshield that has a crack longer than 6 inches likely needs to be replaced.  A windshield replacement is not cheap, though your insurance might pay all or most of it.  If you do not need to replace the windshield because it is old and pitted, and if the crack is under 6 inches, you should have it repaired quickly before the crack grows. Repairing chips and cracks doesn’t take a long time and definitely helps with the pocketbook and your car safety.

If you repair the crack before it gets big, you save money and time.

The consideration for safety all has to do with what the windshield is supposed to do.  A windshield doesn’t just keep the wind out of your face, and it is not simply to keep debris from getting in your eyes. A windshield help support the car’s frame, and if it buckles because it is weak, you are less protected.

The repair material used for cracks and chips does not just make them look pretty.  The materials actually rebind the glass so it is strong again, keeping you safe. Windshields are meant to be shatter proof, so repairing them restores that strength and protects you and your family.