Our windshields play an important role in our safety, so here are some tips for car windshield maintenance that every driver should know! Acting as a shield to debris as well as the lens you use to navigate, it is easy to see how dangerous driving can be if we neglect to take care of our windshield. Which brings us to the first maintenance tip, wiping down your windshield to remove any buildup. This can be easily done every once in a while by wiping down the outside surface with a towel and the inside with a softer, microfiber cloth. Many gas stations provide a squeegee with cleaner for free! The goal is to make sure your vision doesn’t get obscured by damages or dirt build up because this can be a danger to you and drivers around you.

The next car windshield maintenance tip is to replace windshield wiper blades when they start to wear down. If you go long enough without replacing your wiper blades, they can start to leave scratches. Replacing these yourself is very affordable and a quick tutorial online can show you the process in a few minutes. This doesn’t have to be done very often, so it can be a good habit to inspect the condition of your wiper blades when wiping the windshield down and decide for yourself when a replacement is needed.

The last tip is to have a car windshield repair number in your phone. Rock chips can happen to anyone and the faster they are dealt with, the less time they have to spread and add to the cost. Remember, if any damage ends up obstructing your view of the road, it can also result in a ticket. So, stay safe and enjoy a good looking car by following these car windshield maintenance tips!