Windshields and windows on vehicles are critical to not just safety but also to comfort.  When you need your window motors and mirrors replaced, you need professionals who understand and have experience with the entire process, not just the glass.

Getting window motors and mirrors replaced does not happen often in most vehicles — these mechanisms are made to last and most do so quite well.  But it doesn’t take a huge vehicle accident to ruin the mirrors on a car or truck, and getting them replaced is a matter of both safety and comfort.

We have all seen the funny pictures of people fashioning a makeshift car mirror out of a cosmetic hand mirror and taping it to the side of the car.  The fact is, we need mirrors to see what is beside and behind us as we drive. However, that taped on hand mirror is not adjustable to individual drivers, so some won’t be able to adequately see what is behind them or in a blind spot.

For that, you need the motor to work, which is also a comfort issue.  When mirrors have to be adjusted by stopping the car and moving everything, you delay your trip, and since no one wants to do that, we drive with poor line sight — a bad move on a highway full of 2,000 – ton vehicles hurtling along at around 70 miles per hour.

Better to have professionals replace the mirror or fix the motor in the first place.

And if you have ever had bored children sit in the car and roll the windows up and down continuously for 30 minutes, you understand what motor burnout is. 

Whatever your reasons for needing your motors, mirrors, or the window glass itself replaced, we have the professionals here to do it right.