Keeping your car in good shape doesn’t have to break the bank when you stay consistent with car maintenance and perform some of the checks yourself!  There are lots of things that can go wrong and many problems can leave you stranded on a highway or put you at risk of an accident, so do yourself and drivers around you a favor by following some of these checks.

Some of the best things you can do for car maintenance is to stay up to date with your vehicles’ tires, liquids, and windshield and mirrors. Starting with tires, it is easy to check your tire pressure and tire tread by yourself. This can be inspected manually, or if you notice your car is drifting to a direction. When it comes to liquids, checking your engine coolant and oil are important aspects of a healthy car and can be performed without much knowledge about your car.

For keeping your windshield, side windows, and mirrors clean, it takes a few minutes for a quick wipe down. If they are damaged, cracked, or shattered, you may have a tougher time treating this as a DIY. Luckily, there are cheap DIY kits for windshield chips and small cracks which can be treated for a small price (and performed in your driveway). If you have any crack in your windshield that is large or has spread to the edges, you will likely need a professional to take a look.

These are quick fixes, but very important to take care of early on. Not only are damaged windshields dangerous due to obstructing view, but they are also illegal. So, save yourself the risk and the cost of a ticket by staying on top of your car maintenance tasks, and take advantage of any DIY checks when you can!