A windshield is an integral part of a vehicle. Without it, the car frame is weaker and the driver and passengers are less safe. Which is the reason quality windshield repair is critical to the health and safety of everyone in your vehicle. So, how do you know if you have a safe windshield and how do you know if you have a good repair or replacement company to work with?

Quality windshield repair and replacement is key to keeping your vehicle sound enough to travel safely. Before you worry too much about repair or replacement, you should know what qualifies as a windshield in need of repair or replacing.
• If you have a chip smaller than a dime, it can probably be repaired.
• Placement of the crack or chip can prevent repair:
o Too close to the edge of the windshield is not reparable. Why? Because of the frame. The frame acts as a cage to prevent you getting squished in an accident. If the crack or chip is too close to the frame, the frame can’t rely on the glass to help support you—it will crumple too easily.
o Right in the driver’s sightline is not usually reparable. The driver’s vision is critical to the safety of the passengers, so anything that might reflect or refract in an unusual fashion is considered unsafe.

Once you know whether you need to repair or replace a windshield, you then have the job of finding a team that will do the best job. You need to check out reviews, but also guarantees. You need to look at what they promise. If everything is about speed and low price, look some more. Find a team that talks about your time and convenience and about clearing out rust from previous poor sealant.

Take the time to find quality windshield repair: you won’t regret it.