In you live in American Fork, you have more than one option for windshield repair.  Why choose us?  Well, windshield repair in American Fork isn’t simply about price, though ads online may lead you to believe differently.  What is important in finding the right people to do your windshield repair or replacement is to find someone who has your safety and best interest in mind, without forgetting your pocketbook.

Windshield repair in American Fork is all about you.  What do you have and what do you need.

A crack across the middle of your windshield, obscuring your view: you probably need a full replacement because cracks that are in your line of vision are dangerous. Not because you are any more likely to have it break than one that is at the top or bottom of your windshield, but because light hits that crack and can reflect into the driver’s eyes, blinding them and causing accidents.

  • A crack that is less than 4 inches long and isn’t in the driver’s viewing area: a simple repair can usually fix this sort of problem, unless it is right on the edge where the windshield gets most of the load bearing stress.
  • A rock chip that is smaller than a quarter: usually a quick and painless fix, again, unless it is right in the driver’s viewing field.
  • Scattered pitting from many years of driving: you probably need a replacement for the kind of diffuse pitting that makes a sunrise or sunset a nightmare to see through, not to mention rainy nights with light reflecting off every surface.

The great thing is that we will walk you through the problem, work with your insurance, and get you moving again quickly, regardless of the kind of work you need done.