In case you weren’t sure, yes, everyone gets rock chips in Utah County.  In fact, even in high-density place such as Salt Lake downtown, people get rock chips.  And getting them fixed seems pretty easy—nearly every time you go to an oil change, someone is offering to fix your windshield.  But not all chip repairs are created equal, and not all are arranged to your convenience like we are.


Rock chips in Utah County are a fact of life.  You drive on the freeways and things will hit your windshield.  Not always from big trucks either; you can have rocks thrown up by the tiny car in front of you just as easily as by the bigger vehicles on the road.


Once you have one, you have some choices.  First, is your windshield so old and pitted that you are grateful for the excuse to just get a whole new windshield?  We can help with that. And it is a good idea to examine your windshield for just that problem.  Those tiny pits caused by a few years of driving reduce the visibility of your glass and refract light dangerously, particularly if you also add rainwater to the mix.


Maybe you decide to ignore the chip.  That is an OK choice for the short term, but not long term.  If the chip in right in your line of sight, it can be dangerous not only for your vision but also because it weakens the glass right in front of you, and a subsequent rock hit can actually hurt you.


Even more, however, that rock chip, with some freezing weather or enough road vibrations, can turn into a crack, which then means replacement rather than the cheaper and quicker chip repair.


If you have a chip, get us to fix it so you can move on safely in your life.