Nobody likes to spend time and money to maintain their car, so keep these tips in mind to prevent windshield damage due to an unlucky rock chip and reduce money spent on auto repairs and upkeep. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed way to keep your car safe, but there are a handful of ways to minimize the likelihood of windshield cracks and chips. Some of these tips include: Keeping a safe distance when driving behind cars, avoiding gravel roads, and switching lanes when driving behind trucks or vehicles with 4 rear tires. Not only is it a bad idea to tailgate someone in the first place, due to the high risk of a fender bender, but it is also a good way to get a crack or chip in your windshield. Another easy way to prevent windshield damage due to a stray rock chip is to stay on paved roads. Loose gravel roads are fine if you are driving slowly and nobody is ahead of you, but you should definitely play it more carefully just in case. The last big cause of a cracked windshield is semi-trucks. They are known to knock up more dirt behind them and while trucks are typically required by law to have mud flaps to reduce the amount of rocks that get sent backwards, you should still give these vehicles extra space. Following these tips will make your car and it’s windshield a bit more safe. Even when you do find yourself with a chip or crack, if you take care of it early on, you can drastically reduce the cost and time wasted during the repair. Just be sure to call your local auto body repairman and you can have your windshield rock chip reversed, and your car returned to its original glory.