We all have a rock chip or crack now and then. And those add up to a new windshield after a while.  How do you know when you need a new windshield and when a repair will do?  And how do you know who to have fix or replace your auto glass? There are a lot of companies out there: how do you pick the one that will do what you need?

A new windshield is not a huge financial investment anymore, thanks to most auto insurance plans.  It is a time and safety investment still, however, and finding what is best for you is critical.  Once you find a company you can trust, the rest is sure a lot easier.

If you have a chip in your windshield, does that automatically mean a replacement? Not necessarily.  Let’s look at a few conditions that do indicate a replacement rather than a repair:

  • Is your windshield three or more years old?
  • Is your windshield pitted so that it scatters light when bright sunlight, oncoming headlights, or streetlights hit it directly?
  • Is the chip larger than a quarter?
  • Do you have other cracks or large chips in your windshield?

If those conditions apply, you probably need a new windshield.  If they don’t, you can get a repair. You can even get cracks repaired if they aren’t close to the edge of the glass, if they are less than four inches long, and if the other conditions we already listed don’t apply.

Then you have to find a glass replacement company that will guarantee their work, that will work in the best way to not inconvenience you too much, and that has many satisfied customers who will testify to their sound business practices and great customer service.

Congratulations! You found us!