Our Services

Perfection Auto Glass Services

Here at Perfection Auto Glass we work hard to make sure everything is done right the first time.

Our Services Include:

Windshield Replacement

We offer glass replacement on Domestic and Foreign vehicles no matter the make or model. As well as windshield replacement we offer other exterior glasses such as doors, rear windows, vent glass, and quarter glass. With all these services we come to you! We do not charge a Mobile Fee or a Fuel Charge and we accept all insurances.

* Rock Chip repairs are $85 for the first and $5 for each additional.

Rust Repair

It is sadly common that we take out a windshield and see vehicles rusting out underneath due to previously bad installs. Each of our technicians scrape, sand and prime your vehicle to repair it to the best of their ability (free of charge). Depending on the severity, we can save your cars’ life or at least add some years to it.

Semi & Diesel

We also deliver quality glass replacement on all semis or diesels. Any makes and models.

Window Motors & Mirrors

Is your window stuck rolled down or up? We are also able to replace window motors and regulators. We have factory branded parts as well as aftermarket.

We charge for diagnostics of the motor or regulator. This charge will be removed with replacement of the motor or regulator.

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