Auto glass chip repair is something you seem to see everywhere. Go in to get your oil changed…chip repair people are there. Signs by the fast food shops in the strip mall.  Outside of your tire place.  Why? Because with Utah’s constant road repair, you get rocks flying up all the time. Or you are exploring the wild places of Utah—and who doesn’t want to see those!—and you get rocks flying at you from unusual origins.  Travel to another state…rock chips on the freeway from large trucks at high speeds.  You really can’t avoid them.

So what are the secrets of auto glass chip repair? One secret is that pretty much every car, truck, or RV gets a rock chip in the life of a windshield.  These are on top of the myriad of tiny, almost invisible pits that happen from the wear and tear over time. You only notice those when light hits at the perfect angle and, suddenly, your windshield scatters the light into thousands of rays and you can’t see anything at all. Scary.

We can help. We can fix the big chips so they don’t spread—which is another secret that isn’t so secret. Through the winter, you expect freezes, but once spring comes, you think the weather will give you a break, but it doesn’t.  You will get sudden snowstorms and unexpected freezes, and those can turn that little chip into a crack that spreads across your entire windshield.

Instead of dealing with vision hazards, let us fix your rock chips.  We can spend just a few minutes keeping that chip from collecting the water that freezes suddenly and cracks your windshield. We can fill all the crevices with resin so the vibrations of driving on a bumpy road don’t turn a small chip into a jagged crack that makes your windshield unsafe.