Do you need windshield replacement in Lehi, Utah?  Everyone needs a windshield replaced now and then—windshields simply wear out over time, even if they don’t get a big crack.  So what do you do when you need to look at replacement, or even repair?  You find a company that can do whatever kind of repair you need and can guarantee their work.

Anyone who needs windshield replacement in Lehi, Ut needs to know where to look for quality, guaranteed work.  How do you know if you need your windshield replaced or repaired?  Let’s look at a couple of critical factors:

  • If you have a chip that is smaller than a nickle, you can probably repair the glass
  • If the crack or chip doesn’t directly obstruct the driver’s view and isn’t within an inch of the edge of the glass, you can probably repair the glass
  • If you don’t have significant pitting and glare, you can probably repair the glass

If you don’t meet those parameters, you might want to look at replacement rather than repair.

If you do need to get your glass replaced, why use Perfection Auto Glass instead of someone else?  We have a few extras that ensure we are confident in our glass guarantees.

Rust—if you have a windshield that was improperly installed previously, you likely have rust that has formed from the inadequate seal, and we will clean it out and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Motors and Mirrors—if your window won’t budge or your mirror adjust, if your mirrors are broken, we can help.  We can repair and replace the motors and mirrors on your cars, trucks, and semis.